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But there is nothing embarrassing, it is natural to be so quiet.However, just when the two of them thought they would reach their destination so smoothly.Suddenly, Ye Gui buy summer valley cbd gummies s eyes suddenly turned black, and his ears suddenly roared.He suddenly lost control, and cbd gummy labels everything in front of him began to take shape.The whistles around are even more complicated.Li Zhien, who was on the side, noticed it instantly, as soon as possible at this moment, the body was swaying, and the sound of horns and brakes was heard everywhere.But her first instant reaction was to hold Ye Gui hard, and at the same time, she asked in a panic.Ye Guixi, Ye Guixi, cheer up, what s wrong with you Don t scare me You re fine And these words still turned into a roar.He was about to fall into darkness, but at the moment before he fell into darkness, he tried his best to step on the brakes.

, and she can live her life better.Lin Yun er nodded lightly.And Ye Gui didn t say anything anymore.Just squeeze her hand and move on.On the other side, Jessica also asked Krysta.Is there any money on the ground Still staring, can you see through the floor When people are not around, it s okay if you re depressed Natural Native CBD or unhappy.Now that people are in front of you, you are silent best cbd edibles for anxiety and depression and don t speak Ten thousand steps back.Speaking of which, even if you Natural Native CBD can t be a couple, you can be a relative, can t you A relative, that is a relationship that can get along well for the rest of your life, isn t it better than a lover who can be separated at any Natural Native CBD time Yeah Zheng Xiujing, can you stop being so quit smoking CBD gummies reviews Natural Native CBD awkward However, Krysta was just silent and didn t say anything.Chapter 135 Noncommittal Added 3 for Su 2022 Natural Native CBD Yu Chapter 135 Noncommittal Central Hospital, an intensive care unit.

Just came in and went out again.Staggering all the way downstairs.Came to a seat not far away.He sat down and put the little guy on the ground.Go He opened his mouth, and the little guy snorted and didn t go, just lay down at his feet.He smiled drunkenly, and picked up the where to buy cbd gummies near me little guy again and put it by his side.Then he leaned back on the bench and looked up eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients Natural Native CBD at the dark, but also full of starry night.beautiful.The beauty makes him a little dazzling.Before you know it, the starry sky is also a little blurry My drawing board is still in the forest in Seoul.I m going to get it back.Do you want to come with me In the Natural Native CBD middle of the night, Taeyeon, who was upset, went do cbd gummies get u high out for a walk, and finally calmed down.Back at the apartment, she just opened the door when she saw Tiffany and Xu Xian coming out.

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living tree cbd gummies reviews , Raising his eyes a little unnaturally, Who, who has some meaning with you, I still As he spoke, he pursed his lips and gave him a small white eye.He smiled and touched her cheek gently.Xiao Gao Leng hummed slightly, but did not escape.It s not too early to get here.He spoke up.Let s go home.Ruan Ruan, Da Jun, Xiao Gaoleng.All three girls looked at him.Then they looked at each other again and nodded.There is a special feeling.Because this is the first time, they go home together on the way back.The driver is Taeyeon.Regarding driving, the two girls didn t say anything, but Taeyeon said directly.You sang, and you broadcast live.He directly accepted the matter of driving.As for why Ye Gui didn t open.Neither Yoona nor Taeyeon asked, which made him secretly relieved.At the moment, he is sitting in the co pilot.

Some are anxious to get angry.But Jessica was not relieved, but continued to tease her sister.I m in a hurry I m afraid Ye Gui will know Krysta frowned, Can I be in a hurry I can be embarrassed, but at least not in front of Ye Gui, even if these cbd froggies review are fake, I still don t want him to know, too.It s embarrassing.Jessica smiled at her sister, o Embarrassed It s not a crime, it s a rumor, it s not such a bad rumor, it s even a 30 mg cbd gummies funny quirk at most.Besides., who is perfect Once you and Ye Gui get along for a long time, you will find that the incidents of hiccups, farts, going to the toilet, etc.will be presented to each other.Are you going to be so anxious then Natural Native CBD do cbd gummies show up on drug test That s also in the future reviews for green ape CBD gummies Natural Native CBD Krysta said, I ve only been in a relationship with him for a week, do I have to burp and 2022 Natural Native CBD fart in front of him Can I still live with dignity Jessica sneered.

Lin Yuner was slightly stunned, Ye Gui, you don t want to kiss, right Ye Gui chuckled, Huh, do you have a premonition Lin Yuner bit her lip and looked at him, When you call yobo, you ll get lustful, so scary.Man.Ye Gui paused, Is it a question of kissing or not Lin Yuner pondered, No Huh Ye Gui frowned.Lin Yuner continued, It s like if I tell you it will be fine if you don t give it to you.Ye Gui said, That s not necessarily true, how would you know if you don t try.Lin Yuner said suspiciously, Then I don t, um The words finally stopped.She gently closed her eyes serenity CBD gummies reviews Natural Native CBD again, but before closing her eyes, there was some laughter and helplessness flashing in those eyes.The car is parked by the sea.Today s sea is a little rough, the sea wind is blowing fiercely in the distance, the sky is covered with dark clouds, and heavy rain is about to come.

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Until sunny pushed Taeyeon lightly.Taeyeon recovered.Look sunny.What s 2022 Natural Native CBD wrong Sunny gestured to the churning ingredients in the hot pot.Hurry up and eat, it s butter, it ll be hard to eat if you don t eat it while it s hot.Ah, oh.Taeyeon paused, suddenly nodded, then picked up the chopsticks again, and silently picked up the food Start eating.The table was quiet again.Until halfway through, can cbd gummies cause headaches waiting for the CBD gummies for weight loss Natural Native CBD ingredients to reheat.He temporarily bid farewell to the two of them and went back to his house to go to the bathroom.The two nodded and watched Ye Gui where can i buy CBD gummies Natural Native CBD leave.As Natural Native CBD the door closed, Sunny put is hemp oil CBD Natural Native CBD down her chopsticks and started chatting with Taeyeon.How s the break in with the band Taeyeon said, Well, not bad.Then it should be about to enter the V shooting and variety show shooting.Sunny asked again.

If Ye Gui never came to Korea before, this person, he barely counts.But now, Ye Gui s appearance has made him realize that it is better to hold a real thigh than to make a thigh by himself, which is still out of specification.So as long as Ye Gui agrees, their small circle will definitely be established, and not only in name, this is a move that will really have a huge impact and help.Those clan members in his family have all praised him in front of his father.Let s talk about returning to Ye Gui, today Ye Gui ordered Li Zhiyue and Gao Yuanzai invisibly.In fact, he established his power and finally gave him the USB flash drive.In fact, he was trying to win over his heart.He understood that, to put it bluntly, these were all means.It will also use this method to gather his subordinates.But now that Ye Gui is using it for him, he somehow finds it practical and useful.

Several gentlemen, we will deal with the matter right away canabis gummies without affecting your passage.Ye Gui waved his hand, Turn up the monitoring, I also lost a mobile phone.The words fell.Zheng s father and mother were stunned best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Natural Native CBD for a moment, and then looked at Ye Gui with some gratitude.Here the staff paused for a while, then immediately put on a smiley face and nodded, Okay, sir, we will arrange for someone to go to the plane where you landed to look for it.If you don t find it, you can check the surveillance.Can you Of course, as well as this lady s, we will also look for it together.Said, the staff also looked at Zheng s father and mother.Father just cbd 750mg gummies Zheng and Mother Zheng frowned, but did not respond.Ye Gui nodded.Then ask a few guests to show their tickets.The staff continued to speak.Several people handed over their tickets.

Looking at her sister, A very good friend.A friend Gu Zhiya looked up and asked again, Then she treats you Have you 2022 Natural Native CBD confessed Are you pestering you What are you thinking, stinky girl.She interrupted her sister and said seriously, No, stop thinking about it, go back.Nei, Oppa.Gu Zhi Ya no longer asked, nodded.Go.Ye Gui waved at his sister.Oba, goodbye.Well, goodbye.Gu Zhiya turned and left.After watching his sister Natural Native CBD leave, he also turned to leave.All the way to the underground parking lot.Long Yiyong and others were waiting for him.He walked over, took out his phone, saw the address that Taeyeon sent, and was about to ask Long Yiyong to go to this place.But suddenly it was dark, and there was a roar in his ears, and he almost fell over.Long Yiyong and others quickly supported him.All panicked.

She laughed a little.Just now, you didn t look at me and said it looked good, did you He nodded, Yes.Krystal laughed.But I m 2022 Natural Native CBD talking about fireworks When the fireworks are reflected in your eyes Ye Gui said, It s more beautiful than the fireworks themselves.Xiao Gao paused coldly, the corners of his mouth curled into a smile, but his eyes were full of Looking at and inquiring, Suddenly praising me like this, Ye Guixi, you re not hiding something from me, are you Ye Gui sighed, You still found out Xiao Gao Leng narrowed his eyes slightly.Looks like you re looking for a girl from another family Do I know him Ye Gui shook his head, It doesn t matter to other girls.Could it be a boy Ye Gui hesitated, Although not, but her character is quite boyish, straight Xiao Gao frowned coldly, Isn t the straight character bad It seems that I will I have to learn from Ernie, how to be a liar.

Jessica hesitated, Ani, I actually meant to say Don t say it, Ernie, I m all Krysta 2022 Natural Native CBD Natural Native CBD interrupted with a shake of his head, casually looking far ahead.But cbd nighttime gummies as soon as she looked at it, she was suddenly stunned.On the quiet beach ahead, a man was sitting looking at the sea.It was a man who looked like Ye Gui.Or is it him The heart began to beat violently in an instant.Krysta couldn t help but move forward.Walking and walking, the pace becomes a run.Jessica looked confused, but she was also stunned when she saw the direction her sister was running to.Ye Gui How can it be But before she could think about it, she hurriedly chased after him.Ye, Ye Gui I heard someone calling myself.Ye Gui turned his cbd gummy bears 150mg head and saw two girls, sisters Jessica and Krysta.And at this moment, he also looked at Krysta who took off his sunglasses.

Yes.Victoria nodded.During the conversation, the two entered the elevator, pressed the number of floors, 2022 Natural Native CBD and the elevator began to climb.Krystal grew quieter.Looking up at the beating numbers of the elevator, I was in gummy bear recipe CBD Natural Native CBD a daze.Victoria looked at her and felt something was wrong, but at this moment, she flying with CBD gummies 2021 Natural Native CBD didn t know how to ask or how to say Natural Native CBD it.The elevator was quiet for a while. Hospital.In the ward, Yoona had just had a CT scan, and the doctor s instructions were still the same.Back in the ward, she looked at the clear sky outside the window and suddenly wanted to go to the penguin CBD gummies Natural Native CBD rooftop to get some sunshine.Thinking about it, she also set off like this.After talking to her sister Lin Runna, she left the ward and went to the rooftop.Lin Runna didn t stop her either.After all, the doctor also said that she should get more sun exposure and 750 mg cbd gummies maintain her health like an old man for a period of time.

However, in the later process, we found that even if we worked hard to translate them for both parties The language between the two sides, the expert teams of both sides will still get stuck at a high frequency in the communication, especially in the relevant conference discussions, and those related professional terms are also overwhelmed and difficult to translate.So the first few talks Almost nothing was negotiated.Afterwards, the team of the company and I could only step up time to make up for those professional vocabulary, so as to do cbd gummies show up in a drug test successfully build the second language bridge between the two sides.In fact, it is very laborious, and it also polishes people s hearts.To put it bluntly, it is very painful.But teaching known knowledge is much easier than does broad spectrum hemp oil contain cbd learning new knowledge.The former is even very easy.

above by sunmed gummies hemp supplement Is that so Is it okay Do you like it It doesn t look weird, does it Ye Gui was silent for a while.You think I ll let the mini say it straight, it s enough to say it, such an action is unnecessary.Lin Yuner chuckled, So, it s still okay, right Ye Gui paused, It s not possible, it s easy.Get angry.Lin Yun er was stunned for a moment, and then her cheeks were slightly warm and she bowed her head.Oops, I strayed tru nature cbd oil 300mg from the topic while I was talking, so please tell me the answer, what is the new definition Ye Gui pondered.Well it s like constellations, mate selection criteria, love objects, likes, and many, many other things.In fact, they never have a fixed set of rhetoric, they only vary from person to person.So So, let s listen to the heartbeat.Lin Yuner quietly took the words, Ye Gui s reflection in her eyes.

It s just that you should drink less in the future.Your alcohol intake is too poor, and you will be very uneasy when you drink in the future.Krystal tilted his head slightly and smiled, Uncle, don t worry, I will only drink when you are there.After all, sometimes my personality needs a drink to be brave.Ye Gui raised his eyebrows, I still drink.You can be brave only with a little wine Are you afraid that you have misunderstood your bravery Krystal frowned, pouted his lips slightly, and complained a little, Oh, uncle, when did I become brave Ye Gui smiled.He said, For example, as soon as we met, there was a little girl who dared to stand under her direct supervisor.Don t tell me you don t know each other.Krystal suddenly said, Ah, uncle, are you talking about that idol named Krystal It is said to be very beautiful.

As long as it s not a betrayal, keep it in your heart.It s good for you and me.Ye Gui looked at Lin Yuner, Did 2022 Natural Native CBD you already know Dajun Lin Yuner shook full spectrum cbd gummies 2021 her head., Quietly said, This time, I don t know anything, so nothing happened, can you Ye Gui Time seemed to freeze.Lin Yuner looked calm, but Ye Gui saw a trace of unrest in her eyes.So Ye Gui said, I can t pretend that nothing has happened.If I do, it will eventually become a CBD gummies for depression Natural Native CBD thorn.If you don t say it clearly, if you don t pull it out, it will be there.Those unexpressed emotions, It will never die, it will only explode in a louder manner one day.Lin Yuner raised her eyes, and some moisture was also accumulating.Ye Gui.This is the best way I can think of.If you can t do it, then tell me, and what should I do You told me everything, because you were open minded, did not betray me, and did not Going over with her is just to protect her again.

Even if I know Young Master Wen, it is useless if Young Master Ye doesn t nod.Jessica was a little impatient, I don t need to know this, what is Young Master Ye , Shao Wen, I don t know either, can I succeed in designing and running the brand quietly, do I have to spoil the good friendship Quan Lingyi frowned, a little unable to hold back, Jung Soo Yeon, do you think cbd gummy bears uk you can get everything you want without paying a price With such a good opportunity, who am I here to persuade you for Jessica looked at him calmly, For whom Not for yourself Quan Lingyi s eyes moved slightly, For myself Whose brand is this I tried so hard to get you to join the Wen family to really promote your brand I ve always done this for your brand s sake.Paying, so laboriously, you actually said such a thing Jessica looked at him with a hint of sarcasm, Paying for my brand So laboring What about before I met Ye Gui I believed you first and accepted it.

He smiled and gently hugged this little Gao Leng.Xiao Gao Leng wrapped his arms around his neck and parked in the socket of his neck.His legs were also strongly wrapped around his waist.It s like it s completely a pendant.The road to the bedroom bathroom is not far.When he got to the door, Xiao Gao made a cold noise.Uncle.What s the matter.He stopped to look at her.Xiao Gao Leng got up from the crevice of his neck and looked at him, What should I do if I want to be a little bit more A do cbd gummy bears help tinnitus little bit more Ye Gui was a little puzzled.Xiao Gao pursed the corners of his lower lips coldly, paused, and said, You can wash my hair, face, brush my teeth, um, if you can help me with makeup, that s even better.He looked at him with a smile.This little Gao Leng finished speaking.Xiao Gao Leng bit her lip and looked at him with royal gummies a timid expression, Okay, I know it s not too much, maybe it s too much He looked at Xiao Gao Leng and let her down gently, No, it s not that much.

I said, shouldn t you be referring to the scenes in some costume dramas, where there are people around the emperor who are specializing in testing poison Lin Yuner looked at Ye Gui with a bright smile.To Ye Gui, this is my method.Ye Gui was silent.He actually wanted to vomit, but inexplicably, the vomit didn t know where Natural Native CBD to start Chapter 27 Ocean Waves 1 Chapter 27 Ocean Waves 1 Ye Gui ni Lin Yuner stopped his chopsticks, What s wrong with you Ye Gui shook his head , I m fine, just don t try the dishes, I trust you, where to buy CBD gummies Natural Native CBD let s start eating well.Lin Yun er hesitated a bit, but finally stopped the chopsticks to test the dishes, Okay, listen to Ye Guini Ye Gui also handed Lin Yuner a new lunch box by the way, Here, get a new one, don t mess with the smell.Lin Yuner took it with a smile, Nei, cbd gummies and anxiety Kangsang Hamida, Ye Gui ni.

This also changed Ye Gui s conception of Liu Xixian.So don t make any other appointments.He accepted the heir to the Liu family who seemed to have to worry about everything.The two exchanged a few words, and Liu Xixian also made an appointment for the next meeting with a wink, and then left with his younger brother and sister.A small storm disappeared and became invisible.The four also said goodbye at the door of the hotel.In the end, Park Jiyeon and IU left together.The two watched.Then, under the orange street lights, in the heavy snow, Taeyeon looked at him, Husband, do you want to go home in the snow together He smiled and hugged her gently, Okay, listen to you, Wife.While speaking, the two held hands and strolled under the pouring snow.Step by step, walking into the distance, it seems like step 2022 Natural Native CBD by step, together with a white head Park Ji yeon looked at iu who was beside her in a daze and looked in front of her.

It seems that she has always been that lively and gentle little deer.But after getting along for so long, some masks are really incompatible.Like her too polite smile.Originally, it was only for others, not for teammates who have been with each other for many years.But now, I can see that she will do this subconsciously.This is the most serious.She has no way to control herself, and can only cover up with her full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Natural Native CBD inherent, good look.Some sadness cannot be expressed, but it is heavier than any sadness.Her eyes seemed to have lost some light.Although still pure and clear.But no longer refracting sunlight.At this moment, under Taeyeon s eyes, Yoona also noticed it, and looked back at her with a smile.She was stunned.At this moment, Yuner seemed to be back It s the same smile as before.Is it because of the fact that Yuner went to Modu and Ye Gui this time Perhaps, taking this stage fainting time as an opportunity, the two got back together Although Yoona and Ye return have not released a breakup announcement.

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Victoria was a little helpless, Okay, I lost to you.How should I put it, actually, it s been a long time negative side effects of CBD gummies Natural Native CBD ago, and I haven t been in this circle yet.Here, as written in romance novels, the boy in white shirt in high school, with a pure smile, you can t control your heart just by looking at it, but then, after a long time, let alone his appearance, even he I ve even forgotten purely made up.Krystal looked at her, Then, if you meet this person again, will you still be moved Victoria tilted her head and smiled a little, thinking about it It took a while to say, Who knows.Maybe not.Maybe will the next day will come soon.I kratom cbd gummies can t say that I didn t rest well last night.Krystal and Victoria had a long chat in bed.It wasn t all about feelings, but there were also some interesting stories and stories, but all in all, I fell asleep when I was sleepy, and I didn t wake up very early the next day.

hemp oil gummy bears , or there is a possibility that he did not think about the current contact in terms of love, but simply regarded you as a relative.And Ernie, your birthday has not come this year, and you are only twenty four.I m only four years older than Krystalxi, and I m really convinced about being beautiful.If I had a Natural Native CBD face like yours, I would walk sideways, okay I don t know about Ernie.What are you doubting about yourself Lin Yuner still didn t look very happy, Yeah, I don t know what I m doubting myself Having said that, Lin Yuner looked back at Ye Gui, but charlotte s web hemp extract gummies looked at the situation at the moment.Outsiders, she couldn t help but smile again, even with a smile in her eyes. Chapter 39, I will come to see your concert 2 Plus 2 Chapter 39, I will come to see your concert 2 First class, Ye Gui He sat down, but he wasn t comfortable yet.

The person who thinks about it.He was almost stubborn again, and he pinched the bridge of his nose speechlessly.Immediately, he also looked up at the girl with red eyes.If so, can you explain why I can pure hemp botanicals cbd tincture see your large donations on the books of the welfare foundation under the GK Group almost every year, or even every six months You love money so much.What to donate Iu paused.Ye Gui continued to speak.Why are you being so stubborn, 2022 Natural Native CBD I ve told you clearly, this kind of rhetoric is very naive, it s just something a child would say, why do you have to say it again If I really care about your past, I don t know about yours.As a man, I will come over and apologize to you I won t even come over to help you because of a phone call from you.You have to understand that I respect you, and respect you, a person who works hard to live.

Why do you do this, you might as well beat me, scold me, beat me seriously and have to be hospitalized, scold me with the worst words, make me stop thinking, make me afraid of you, then I ll go, you come While speaking, in such a confrontation.He could only hug her.But even so, Xiao Gaoleng s resistance remained unabated.He could only hug her harder.And in this resistance, he saw the red marks that appeared on Xiao Gao Leng s fair skin because of the struggle.And the impossible scar near her shoulder.And that black rope necklace.The pendant is a pair of rings.He was silent.But Xiao Gao Leng was still struggling, but his strength gradually diminished.Very long time.Xiao Gao Leng no longer struggled.The whole person was quiet, as if asleep.But if you listen carefully, you can hear a small cry.

Yun er, get in the car first.Ye Gui opened his mouth and put Lin Yuner s luggage in the trunk.And Lin Yuner got into the car quietly, took off her sunglasses and mask and sat in the co pilot.Soon Ye Gui also sat in the main driver s seat.Hand over the blanket on the car to Lin Yuner.Cover it up and sleep for a while, and I have to drive for a long time.Lin Yuner nodded and took it.Nei, thank you Huh I mean, I will rest well Ye Gui frowned and leaned closer to Lin 2.5 CBD gummies Natural Native CBD Yun er, Why are you so weird Lin Yun er waved her hand hurriedly, I, I didn t Ye Gui got closer, Lin Yuner bit her lip slightly and closed her eyes, her eyelashes were trembling.Click.The sound of the seat belt buckle.Lin Yuner opened her eyes.Ye Gui teased and looked at her.Fast your seat belt, it won t take advantage of you, your eyelashes are trembling when amazon cbd gummies you re scared Lin Yun er snorted softly.

Agent Liu sighed, Taeyeon, are you acting cbd gummies help with pain stupid with me now I m asking you, do you want to make a statement to clarify or to admit it directly But no matter what, the company will respect your opinion throughout the process.Yes.He added again.Of course, I will respect Ye cbd chewables Guixi s opinion.Taeyeon laughed a little, Oppa, don t talk so much.I think you should really read this news carefully, it s just a suspicion.That s all, Ye Gui was not mentioned in the whole text, and plantmd revive cbd gummies reviews Ye Gui s face was not captured in the photo.Does this also make the matter between me and (2022 May) Natural Native CBD him exposed Agent Liu paused and said, Yes, You re right, but after that, the paparazzi will definitely follow you day and night until you get something crucial.At that time, you will still have to make this choice, so it s better to accept it early But there s no way to do it sooner.

With a beautiful scent, even though it was snowing heavily outside at the moment, he still smelled the warm fragrance like the sun and oranges.And Yuner raised her eyes and said, and her breath was also filled with a good smell.Have you been moved, cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes shark tank about what I said, when you are cured, let s all live together He looked at her.Do you want to deny it Yun er raised her eyes to look at him, her voice soft, but she seemed full of confidence, 2022 Natural Native CBD Do you want to speak against your can you give a dog a cbd gummy heart Just speaking, her slender arms stretched out and gently wrapped around his neck, and looked him in the eyes.He subconsciously avoided.Don t run away, I just want to hug you without kissing you.I haven t seen you Natural Native CBD for a long time I miss you very much.With just one sentence, he stopped all his movements.And speaking of this, Yun er also quieted down, then lowered her head and slowly approached his chest.

But Liu Xican suddenly smiled, I was almost frightened by you, Li Zhien, have you ever thought about your family Natural Native CBD Yes, if you knocked me down, can you knock down the Liu family and BH My My brother, the future leader of the Liu family and BH, will he avenge me iu also 2022 Natural Native CBD looked nervous.Fist clenched a does hemp milk have cbd little.Liu Xican also knew that it was just Natural Native CBD right to say this, but he didn t really want to die.So the words changed again, But I still want to apologize.My original character is used to being arrogant.Recently, because the family wants to cooperate with a big man, the big man doesn t like people with my character.So my brother ordered me to You have to start learning well, of course I want to learn well, but after all, I just started learning to Natural Native CBD become better, and some bad habits have not changed.

Ye Gui s bedroom.Xiao Gaoleng brought Jessica in botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit Natural Native CBD with grape cbd gummies him.Then open a black empty suitcase.Euni, you better help me pack his toiletries.Jessica nodded.And Xiao Gaoleng opened the wardrobe by the bed and began to find matching clothes for Ye Gui.Jessica packed up, but she suddenly realized something and looked at her sister.Wait for Xiujing, will you help him clean up his private clothes too Xiao Gao sneered and shook his head, Intimate underwear and so on, he said he would clean it up himself.He said a little helplessly.But Ernie s focus is really weird.Jessica sighed slightly, That s not the first time you ve lived outside.Even if you were in s before, you didn t live in a dormitory much, and you all went home.Oh, Mom was going to come this time, but she didn t, so she told me a lot before coming.

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