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It is a stark contrast to the warmth of the house.He walked over and put his coat on her.Then he raised his hand to gently wipe her tears.It is said that the singer s emotions are very soft and easily affected by sad songs.If I knew earlier, I would have told that kid not to sing.Yoona didn t respond, and tears flowed silently.Looking at him, it seemed that Best Easy CBD Gummy Recipe he couldn best cbd oil gummies t control his emotions even more.The past is like a revolving lantern, constantly flickering.But it was finally fixed on the day of separation.She reached out and hugged him gently and tightly.The silent weeping continued.For a while, the wind and snow seemed to be quiet.Together with the youth singing behind him, and the people in a circle.Their eyes can t help but see it.If it is usual, such hugs and dog food between couples are either booing or goosebumps.

Taeyeon and the others did not give up.They began to take him for a photo.Come one by one.With the karaoke room as the background.Or two, three, or four people taking pictures together.Of course it wasn t published.Now that green monkey cbd gummies these are published, the overwhelming reports will definitely affect the current life.Now I can sing comfortably and enjoy taking pictures.The three girls were sitting with him on the sofa, or CBD gummies to quit smoking review Easy CBD Gummy Recipe lying on their backs on the sofa, looking at the ceiling, visibly, all with a lazy look of exhausted power.Do you want to drink tonight Xiao Gao asked coldly.Taeyeon was a little stunned.I ve been drinking it for two days, and the night before yesterday was even bomb wine Yun er also paused, Xiu Jing, let s take a day off and drink it tomorrow.Xiao Gao Leng was a little disappointed, Well, that night, we Do something else Yun er held back her laughter, If you really want to drink, then let me tell you a little secret, the day we drank the bomb wine, Ye Gui didn t drink much, Ani, it should be completely I didn t drink.

After thinking about it, Ye Gui finally spoke up.It s cbd soul gummies said to be a cbd gummies el paso month, but don t worry can hemp gummy bears too much.This thing needs inspiration.I won t say anything if it s not finished by then.Just give me a few pieces.Jessica stopped rubbing her hair and turned her head.There was an unnatural look in the soft eyes.Did you see it just now Ye Gui said, Bullshit, I m not blind.He said indifferently, Okay, let s rest early.After speaking, he walked to the entrance to leave.Ye Gui, you wait Jessica called out to Ye Gui.Ye returned back.I ve already completed three things, why don t you take a look now.If you can, I ll continue with this idea.If it doesn t work, I ll change it.Ye Gui thought for a while and nodded.Okay.He said and cbd gummies 250mg walked over.Jessica stood up after pointing out three artworks.Ye Gui sat down.Start looking at designs.

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Ye Gui added another sentence, Is it a bold font Wen Xin laughed out loud, Good brother, for a lifetime.Ye Gui asked suspiciously, A quilt The kind of quilt you cover Wen Xin said in a deep voice, I k, you don t really think about me, do you It s a lifetime The generation of the elders Ye Gui laughed aloud, It s alright, don t joke, hang up, I m going to see Yoona, maybe I ll be blocked by reporters again.Wen Xin said, Okay, see you later.Ye Gui nodded in response, Okay, see you later.The phone hung up, wyld gummies cbd Ye Gui didn t want anyone to disclose the matter for the time being, but hurried to Dongguo University to find Lin Yuner.School Auditorium.There were is CBD good for social anxiety disorder Easy CBD Gummy Recipe already many reporters waiting outside broad spectrum CBD gummies Easy CBD Gummy Recipe the auditorium, and some reporters came after seeing the news.They were keenly aware that the melon was a bit big this time.

Look at the time, seven thirteen.She didn t hesitate Easy CBD Gummy Recipe tyler perry cbd gummies any buy cbd hemp buds more, ran to the room to get dressed, then loaded Ye Gui s mobile phone, put on a mask cbd hemp oil cartridges and went out to find someone.But just opened the door.Ye Gui was at the door, holding food in one hand, while the other hand stopped at the door, as if he was about to enter the password.There was a trace of solidification between the two.The next moment, Xiao Gao Leng gave him directly.Very hard.With moist red eyes.He hurried in.He closed the door, put down the breakfast, and then gently leaned over and hugged Xiao Gao Leng.Xiao Gao Leng did not speak, there was a touch super chill products cbd gummies of suppressed choking.I m sorry, but halfway through going out to buy breakfast, I found out that I didn t bring my mobile phone.Xiao Gao Leng still didn t speak.He released her and pulled her to sit down on the sofa, next to her.

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Best Easy CBD Gummy Recipe Mother Zheng looked angrily and put down a bowl of beef blood soup.Do you think you are still young Next time you drag Ye Gui to drink so uncontrollably, you can go out and Easy CBD Gummy Recipe find beef blood soup.Father Zheng just smiled, and then he gulps down the soup.And Xiao Gaoleng also put a bowl of soup in front of Ye Gui, and then smiled softly.Ye Gui, you drink too.Ye Gui glanced at her with a smile and nodded.And Jessica was sitting by the side eating bread, sighing a little, it was a couple, even her parents, this stinky girl abused her too.Sighing, he saw a bowl of soup in cbd gummy to relax front of him.Look up, it s the mother.Immediately there was a warm current in my heart, Oh Mom, but Mother Zheng spoke out.There s a bit of the bottom of the pot left, and your sister doesn t want to touch the blood at all, so you can help solve it, it s a pity.

Easy CBD Gummy Recipe harlequin CBD gummies >> tiktok CBD girl, flying with CBD gummies 2021 Easy CBD Gummy Recipe what are hemp gummies Easy CBD Gummy Recipe.

It is said that the woman came to You still have a heart for me, Oppa.Hearing this, Taeyeon looked a little more awe inspiring, and she nodded.Nei, I will work hard.Then he asked again, Na Zhiya, will how long do cbd gummies take to work you be with me when the time comes Of course.Gu Zhiya laughed out loud, I m not standing with you, sister in law, who am I standing with Taeyeon breathed a sigh of relief, but then she asked something.Then the backgrounds of those ladies yummy cbd gummies should all be noble Gu Zhi Ya paused, This is indeed not easy.Taeyeon nodded, frowning thoughtfully and did not speak.Gu Zhiya was relieved, Relax, sister in law, with Oppa here, no one dares to bully you or look down on you.After all, the circle of ladies is also determined by the status and strength of the men behind them.But the pressure is still great.Ah Taeyeon smiled wryly.

I want him to spend the rest of his life in a prison cbd gummies and aspirin where the sun never ends.Then it was divided into three waves and started to act.A wave of people went cbd back pain gummies to investigate Easy CBD Gummy Recipe and deal with the perpetrator, a wave of people went to guard outside Krysta s ward, and a wave of people stayed here and continued to protect the two.Soon, some people appeared, it was Li Xuyong and a middle aged man.A few bodyguards followed behind the two and walked towards Ye Gui CBD eagle hemp gummies Easy CBD Gummy Recipe and Lin Yuner.I saw people coming, especially the middle aged man.Lin Yuner said in surprise, Mr.Li Xiuman, Ye Gui looked over.Li Xiuman also looked over.The two greeted each other, Li Xuyong also greeted Ye Gui, gummy CBD pure hemp Easy CBD Gummy Recipe and Lin Yuner greeted the two.Li Xiuman looked at Ye Gui, Ye Guixi encountered such a danger in s.It is really a great dereliction of duty.

Mother Zheng wanted to keep frowning, but she finally said something with a smile.It s not serious.Father Zheng also laughed, without refuting.Mother Zheng then urged, Turn off the TV, rest early today, tomorrow Jingshu s family will marry her daughter, we have CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Easy CBD Gummy Recipe to go early.Father Zheng nodded, Yes.After speaking, he turned off the TV and the lights., The couple also went back to the bedroom, and the whole first floor went eagle hemp cbd website dark.Came to Xiao Gaoleng s bedroom.Put the large and small bags on the ground.Jessica instantly threw herself on the bed and lay down in a large font.In this respect, the two sisters are still very similar.They fall when they touch Easy CBD Gummy Recipe the bed, and when they fall down, they are completely relaxed.It s just that Krysta didn t lie down like Ernie.She took out the suit she bought for Ye Gui, took it out, hung it on the hanger, took the iron and started ironing the cbd gummies good for back pain suit carefully.

Ye Gui returned the phone to Xiao Gaoleng.Xiao Gao Leng pouted slightly, Why do you have to tell the truth to Mom Be fair.Ye Gui said, I don t want you to lie and stay with me, if you want to stay with us, be generous.Stay together.This will make you feel more comfortable and at ease.Xiao Gao Leng bit his lip slightly, Indeed, it does feel more secure this way.Ye Gui gently stroked her hair, CBD eagle hemp gummies Easy CBD Gummy Recipe Then, you first Go and pack up, we ll go to the convenience store in this neighborhood to get you some hemp gummies dosage snacks, and as for the ice cream, I ll have Yang Le order it at noon, and it will be delivered soon.Xiao Gao Leng was a little surprised, Is it really coming soon Well, yes, Yang Le also sent me a courier message at that time.Ye Gui affirmed.Xiao Gao Leng pondered slightly.In this case, let s forget about other snacks for now.

Best Easy CBD Gummy Recipe Zhang Sheng is straight faced and very pain relief cbd gummies arrogant, and Ye Gui also likes people with such a personality, and the two of them communicated medigreens CBD gummies reviews Easy CBD Gummy Recipe with each other along the way.Mr.Ye, what do you usually like to eat Ye Gui said, Just follow the crew s food, you don t need special care to avoid trouble, and I m not picky eaters.That s not good.Zhang Sheng shook his head, The wild hemp cbd vape blinking director is I solemnly ask that I must take good care of you, Teacher Ye, and I bulk buy cbd gummies may have omissions, but cooking will definitely satisfy Teacher Ye.Are you a chef Ye Gui asked.I used to be a chef in a big restaurant.Zhang Sheng replied.Ye Gui glanced at Zhang Sheng suspiciously, Chef The prospects CBD hemp flower Easy CBD Gummy Recipe are so good, why did you come to the crew to take care of people Zhang Sheng was silent for a while, A few years ago, several big bosses got drunk and molested the restaurant.

It seemed to be a familiar word.The two sisters suddenly became wary again.Ye Gui first looked at Jessica, Didn t you say you can give me ten pieces Well, I want ten new designs for a week.Jessica frowned at Ye Gui, Ten pieces, a week, you If you want me to die suddenly and go bald, just say it straight, why are you so twisted Ye Gui sneered, I m a dark chaebol, besides, it s me who said ten things Jessica turned her head at will, That s not me either.Ye Gui looked at her in surprise, It s not you Jessica definitely said, Of course, have you recorded it Do you have evidence Otherwise, how can you be sure that I said it Ye Gui glanced at cbd gummies pregnant Jessica, then at Xiao Gao Leng , Xiu Jing, you will testify for me.Xiao Gao Leng nodded subconsciously.o Jessica frowned suddenly.Xiao Gao Leng immediately changed the direction of the wind, I, I didn t hear anything.

Pushing the medicine and water in front of Ye Gui, Lin Yuner got up again, hemp oil vs CBD oil Easy CBD Gummy Recipe and while speaking, put the lunch box she brought into the microwave.I didn t know what to bring, so I bought some famous snacks, some rice or something Then he sat down, but watched Ye Gui didn t good gummies move.She looked at him suspiciously.What s wrong Why don t you take medicine Ye Gui looked at her seriously.You are more effective than medicine.Lin Yuner s cheeks were slightly warm.Oops, you ve become erotic again, take your medicine quickly Ye Gui nodded and took the medicine obediently.After eating, he looked at Lin Yuner.Aren t you going tonight After saying that, he promised again.I will never turn into a wolf Lin Yuner bit her lip slightly and looked at him strangely.A man s guarantee This kind of guarantee doesn t sound credible at all Ye Gui was a little disappointed.

Xiao Gao Leng smiled a little, but in the end he didn t cause any trouble, just stationed at the door, under the influence of the fragrance of rice.Occasionally talk to does hemp gummies make you sleepy Ye Gui.Transfer the attraction of meals.Such a scene is really warm in an instant Chapter 362 Midsummer is Your Lie Seventeen Chapter 362 Midsummer is Your Lie Seventeen After a dinner.Xiao Gao Leng s belly was a little round.She dragged him out of Easy CBD Gummy Recipe strawberry cbd gummies the house and wandered around the park near the house.This is almost a must see place for the two of them after a meal.There is water and grass, and there is a very warm firework atmosphere.Walking on the road by the river.There are old people, couples with children, and couples like him and her who ushered in the past.Holding hands, we walked some distance by the river.Finally sat down on a seat by the river.

I just realized the reason why you look weird.That tea is soothing tea.It s just called tea, but the ingredients are Chinese hemp bomb CBD gummies Easy CBD Gummy Recipe herbal medicines.No.After listening to her, Ye Gui subconsciously wanted to say thank you.But Jessica interrupted, Want to be polite again Okay, I ll just talk about this, you can pack up and rest.There was a pause as she spoke.Because cbd pen vs gummies she subconsciously wanted to say good night.Just so be it.Jessica closed natures purpose CBD Easy CBD Gummy Recipe the door immediately.Ye Gui watched as the door was closed.Shaking his head and smiling, he immediately put down the tea in his hand, carried this bag, and walked towards the set of guards in the bedroom.Go back to the bedroom.Seeing my sister lying on the bed a little sullenly.She approaches.I m mad at Ernie for not letting you go Krysta tilted his head and frowned, It s just a gift, why Best Easy CBD Gummy Recipe is Ernie protecting him like a thief, I didn t say anything in Easy CBD Gummy Recipe person.

The script that Ye Gui revised today has arrived in her hands, and she is going to start getting familiar with the script today.The shooting day is not tomorrow or Best Easy CBD Gummy Recipe the day after tomorrow.At the moment, the script was on the table in the living room, and she was kneeling on best time of day to take cbd gummies a cushion on the rug.Lying on the table reading the script.He also had a pen in his hand.Looking at the home page, the name of the author, and the big thanks and advisors next to it, after a bunch of prefixes such as revisions, the name after the colon.Ye return.She took the pen and gently drew the next wavy line.There are some thoughts in my cbd thc gummies for sleep head.Right now, the sun is shining.Slowly irradiated in, just scattered on the table.On the script, on that name.She couldn t help thinking of yesterday, even Live alone.Of course, in other parts of Seoul, she also bought houses for her parents and younger CBD gummies without hemp Easy CBD Gummy Recipe brothers.

cbd gummies get you high But you made me want to be by your side all the time after so long., I m even more tired than just being together, that s why I say you are scary.After that, the girl got closer.Ye Gui sighed slightly and gently touched her head.Actually, Dajun, it s not just you Lin Yuner was a little puzzled.o Ye Gui nodded and continued speaking, but there was a touch of melancholy in his words.I m often embarrassed by my damn charm, so it s normal for you girl to fall, don t worry, go back to normal, okay Lin Yuner immediately got up and bit her lip to look at him.Oh Ye Gui, you are really too thick As he spoke, he suddenly stopped talking.Ye Gui leaned closer, squinting slightly and looking at the girl, Lin Dajun, are you trying to scold me Lin Yuner flatly denied, I don t, I m not, you are talking nonsense.

But neither of them were just eagle hemp CBD gummies official website Easy CBD Gummy Recipe fledgling little girls.They knew very well that the rules of this world were realistic and cruel.They could only look at Park Zhiyan with consolation.Park Zhiyan chuckled lightly, It s alright, really, I finally breathed a sigh of relief today, and then it s nothing.After speaking, she glanced at Ye Gui inadvertently, but quickly avoided it.But how sharp the two are.One is Taeyeon, who is sensitive, and the other is IU, who can see his face the most.It was quickly captured.Then the two looked at each other.They all subconsciously glanced at Ye Gui who didn t notice anything.Then look at each other again.When they looked at each other, they saw the smile and helplessness in each other s eyes.It seems that he provokes peach blossoms again. Chapter 511 Horse 15 Chapter 511 Horse 15 Without drinking, the four of them simply ate a beef bone pot.

I m actually always happy with him, even if I just sit dry, I m happy, he always says he s boring.But he s really good at making fun of me., will coax me, the anger towards him will not last long, plus he teases me and coaxes me like this, even if I want to be angry, I can t get angry.I told him before that I had nothing to do with him.Now to Oh Mom, if I am the green farms cbd gummies same, there is no way, and I don t want to do it.Mother Zheng sighed a little.You girl, if you don t like it, you will absolutely refuse and push it away.Once you like it, you will be absolutely passionate and active.Speaking of this, Mother Zheng became a little serious.There is no way to say that you are not good, and there is no way to say that you are so good.Because it is too extreme, it is worthwhile to meet a good person.If you are not a good person, you will be injured.

Taeyeon also followed his gaze, but finally nodded with certainty, Nei, would you like to see it Yes.Ye Gui said direct CBD pro Easy CBD Gummy Recipe concisely, but was also looking forward to it.Nei Taeyeon also saw the expectation in Ye Gui s eyes, and nodded with a smile.Then, she gently released Ye Gui.Come Easy CBD Gummy Recipe to the front of Ye Gui.Get into the pose.next moment.The chicken eating dance that stimulated the battlefield was perfectly reproduced by Taeyeon.Turn around, wave your arms, wave your arms, lift your thighs full of joy, playfulness and cuteness.subconsciously.Take out the phone.Then turn on the recording.This scene, this dance, were all recorded on the phone and in my mind. Chapter 441 A Rose 4 Chapter 441 A Rose 4 A complete clip was recorded.Taeyeon covered her face and stopped jumping.The dance just now was also driven by alcohol.

Starting a family with me may not be the case.It won t be as easy and comfortable as falling in love now, maybe there will be quarrels every three days, maybe they will hate each other, have you really thought about it The wind blew.Somewhat quiet.After a long time, he lightly patted Taeyeon s back.No matter what the future is, no matter how difficult the road ahead is, no matter what we have to face.I choose eagle hemp cbd gummies price to love you.Because you are cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummies with turmeric spirulina mine, a rose. four hundred Chapter 51 Light Chaser 1 Chapter 451 Light Chaser 1 Hotel.Room for two.The bouquets of various colors are covered with a carefully arranged look.Taeyeon looked around, looking at the delicate bouquets of various colors, her face and eyes were full of smiles.It s so beautiful.Looking at it, she said this in a soft voice, her eyes gradually retracted, and they fell on Ye Gui s face.

Although she left quietly.Although she was a little sad.But Ye return owes her once.That s enough for now.Now, it s not her time Although the tears were already shed, the krystal struggled to hold back the tears that had accumulated.She stared at him stubbornly.He subconsciously raised his hand to help her wipe Easy CBD Gummy Recipe away her tears.But Krystal took a step back, raising his hands to wipe away the tears.At the same time, he tore off the clothes he wrapped her and threw it on the ground.Her clear skin was revealed again.But Xiao Gao Leng didn t care at all, just stared at him like that.He paused and picked up his clothes.And Xiao Gao cools down and pulls his clothes straight forward.He immediately dropped his clothes and grabbed her wrist.Xiao Gao Leng also suddenly resisted fiercely.During the resistance, it was Xiao Gao s cold cbd gummy reactions and resentful voice, full of crying and stubbornness.

, and she can live her life better.Lin Yun er nodded lightly.And Ye Gui didn t say anything anymore.Just squeeze her hand and move on.On the other side, Jessica also asked Krysta.Is there any money on the ground Still staring, can you see through the floor When people are not around, it s okay if you re depressed or unhappy.Now that people are in front of you, you are silent and don t speak Ten thousand steps back.Speaking of which, even if you can t be a couple, you can be a relative, can t you A relative, that is a relationship that can get along well do CBD gummies really work Easy CBD Gummy Recipe for the rest of your life, isn t it better than a lover who can be separated at any time Yeah Zheng Xiujing, can you stop being so awkward However, Krysta was just silent and didn t say anything.Chapter 135 Noncommittal Added 3 for Su Yu Chapter 135 Noncommittal Central Hospital, an intensive care unit.

CBD gummies with thc Easy CBD Gummy Recipe But Yuner s eyes flashed with a smile, Is it because you re worried that you won t be able to stay comfortably when you re naked Who can stay comfortably when you re naked he asked back.That s true.Yun er nodded, but then she raised her eyes to look at him innocently, But, we are frankly admitting that we have met each other, so it shouldn t matter, right The words fell, and he suddenly coughed Chapter 524 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 2 Chapter 524 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 2 Yoona hurriedly got up and patted his back.Mo, eat slowly He calmed down and raised his hand to stop Yuner s movements, cbd gummies for pain and sleep Cough, I m fine, Dajun, sit down.Yuner looked at him hesitantly, but sat still.Down.Really okay Really.He said, Don t mention the laundry, I ll go back tomorrow, there s no need.Yun er calmed down, then nodded, Okay then Then he looked at cbd gummies for dogs near me him, Will you continue to accompany me to shoot variety shows today Well.

a good one Lin Yuner whispered, Why do you have such a handsome face, but you love butter so much Ye Gui frowned and let go of Lin Yuner, Okay, let Easy CBD Gummy Recipe s go, go and clean up, be careful my butter party is too greasy You.Lin Yun er laughed and pecked Ye full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Easy CBD Gummy Recipe Gui lightly, It s okay, it s greasy, do cbd gummies help sleep it s greasy, you re used to it.Ye Gui frowned deeper, I m used to it My Best Easy CBD Gummy Recipe dear, today I want to let you feel the The feeling of being soaked in a tank He said, licking his lips.Lin Yuner stepped back in fear, Oh, what are you doing, Ye Gui, don t mess around.Ye Gui looked happy, Huh You want to mess around Lin Yuner repeated seriously, Yes, don t mess around.Ye Gui also repeated , eagle hemp gummies for tinnitus No, you want to mess around Lin Yuner paused, Ye Gui, please don t play word games just because you are proficient in multiple languages Ye Gui smiled, Well, don t play word games.

Victoria concluded, So this is also what una and aber irwin naturals CBD Easy CBD Gummy Recipe are most angry about, they feel that the photos you took with them before were unhappy.Finally, he added, Of course, also with me.Xiao Gao Leng suddenly laughed a little.It turns out that this incident not only didn t pass, Ernie, you are also breaking out here.After speaking, he sighed, I only understand now why Ye Gui is so protective of me, it s really powerless.Then O Neill, how can we let this matter pass After speaking, Xiao Gao looked coldly at the three sisters.And the three of Xiao Po Tuan suddenly showed a successful and mysterious smile.Xiao Gao suddenly felt goosebumps.Lounge, fitting room.Xiao Gao Leng looked at the three cute clothes in front of him.One of them even had a bow Xiao Gao Leng s goosebumps rose again.She apologized to the three sisters.

cbd gumies Oh, old professor No girl will like you if you go on like this Ye Gui smiled and didn t speak.Although he didn t care if any girls would like him, he felt that this sentence was very familiar, as if it had not been long before he heard similar words.And Krysta laughed after saying that.Although that smile was somewhat helpless, the voice of a girl humming a song softly rang out in the quiet carriage again.The unique slightly hoarse Easy CBD Gummy Recipe little milk sound, I have to say, is very pleasant. Chapter Fourteen Strange Chapter Fourteen Strange It was very late after returning from Huanhai Expressway.Krysta asked hesitantly when he stepped into the elevator.Where are you going, Ye Guini tomorrow If possible, Ye Guini and I can go to the magic capital.It just so happens that you go back and have a rest.

He fun gummies CBD Easy CBD Gummy Recipe nodded, relieved, Okay.Just finished speaking, but inadvertently saw Taeyeon s hand, which was originally edibles cbd slender botanical farms gummies cbd and fair, but now red.He was stunned for a moment, then reacted, and gently took her hand and rubbed it lightly, I m sorry Ruan Ruan, I hurt you.Taeyeon When the lights in the operating room finally turned green.He hurriedly greeted Aunt Kim, CBD gummies for back pain Easy CBD Gummy Recipe Ji Ah, and Taeyeon.The chief surgeon is the director of the hospital.At this moment, he was also tired.What s the matter, Easy CBD Gummy Recipe Dean Liu He said, looking at Dean Liu nervously, but hemp oil vs CBD Easy CBD Gummy Recipe Dean Liu s expression showed a touch hemp bombs CBD gummies review Easy CBD Gummy Recipe of relief, and then he spoke in awe.President Ni s operation was very successful.Mrs.Ni, Vice President Ni, and Director Ni, CBD gummies wholesale Easy CBD Gummy Recipe you can rest assured.Everyone couldn t hide their happiness and thanked the doctor.And as Gu Chengtai, who was still sleeping, was pushed out, everyone lowered their voices.

Smelly Aojiao was not to be outdone, and looked at him with soft eyes full of jokes and laughter.Father Zheng also subconsciously ignored this.Okay, you two sisters are going to help you, Mom.Father Zheng arranged it immediately, and looked at Mother Zheng at the same time, Wife has to work hard for you today.Mother Zheng shook her head and smiled at the two of them, It s okay, sit down, I ll prepare for you.The two daughters, Souyan, Xiujing, let s go.Jessica and Krysta each nodded.He subconsciously looked at Xiao Gao Leng.But Xiao Gao snorted lightly between his eyes and turned around and swayed with Jessica and Mother Zheng towards the kitchen.At this Easy CBD Gummy Recipe moment, he was a little puzzled.Is she angry Why But before he could think about it, Father Zheng had already dragged him to the living room.

Krystal understood very well, her voice was a little calm, Uncle doesn t know how to describe his relationship with me, right Indeed.Ye Gui paused for a while, I m not really saying it s a friend.You are only a friend, in fact, I said it before, because of the similarity, sometimes, I will treat you as Krystal interrupted Ye Gui, The uncle I know will treat me as your other.A sister, right Ye Gui nodded and said nothing.Krystal bowed his head slightly, But I don t like it, and I don t want to Easy CBD Gummy Recipe have such a relationship with my uncle.I don t want to be a substitute, even if it s family.Ye Gui was a little silent, but after a while he looked at Krystal and explained, Little girl, although sometimes I do think of you as Minya subconsciously, I don t think of you as a substitute, you are just you, I hope you don t misunderstand.

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