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Li Xing opened the door with his ID card and entered it.Different from the ordinary appearance, the real space in the cabin is quite large and the decoration is very elegant.Li Xing cleaned the cabin and then began to place his own thing.After everything was settled, Li Xing sat cross legged on the futon hemp gummy bears 1000mg in the middle of the cabin.As soon as he sat on it, noble hemp gummies price Li Xing felt as if his whole body was much awake.Li Xing couldn t help but admire that the inner courtyard is indeed the inner courtyard.Compared with the outer courtyard, the cultivation conditions here are much better.In fact, it is not.The reason why Li Xing has this experience is because he now has an independent training room.You must know that there are only 1,000 such training rooms, but the total number of people in the inner courtyard adds up to CBD Infused Gummies ten of this number.

CBD Infused Gummies (FDA 2022) After taking it off, he threw it on the ground and made a bang sound, showing that his weight was not that of Yang Lei.How much smaller.But there is one difference.Li Xing s body is very well proportioned, unlike Yang fx cbd gummies 1500mg Lei, his muscles are protruding, his lower abdomen is neatly arranged with eight pack abs, eagle hemp CBD gummies website CBD Infused Gummies his skin is fair, and he can compete with girls.stark contrast.Some of the girls watching the game under the stage turned their heads shyly when they looked at Li Xing s figure, but they looked at it secretly through their fingers.Momo s face was also a little red, but she didn t look away, but continued to watch the battle.Compared with before, Momo felt a lot less nervous, because in this way, Li Xing had a good chance of winning.Yang Lei blasted countless fist shadows like thunder, and the turbulent air waves blew the black hair in front of Li Xing s forehead fluttering in the wind.

What are you doing Li Xing rubbed Lin Bai s hair and said with a smile.It s nothing, it s nothing.Lin Bai stuck out his tongue, dispelling his doubts, Li Xing chuckled lightly, rubbed her hair, and turned to leave.Seeing that Lin Bai was so energetic, he felt relieved.It seems that the doctor s method really works. Chapter 532 Entering the Miao Village CBD Infused Gummies please subscribe Li Xing chatted with Lin Bai for a while, and then comforted Lin Bai to sleep.Li Xing turned off the light and walked out of the room.Li Xing tried to can i take cbd gummies on a flight call Lin Jing, but it showed that he couldn t get through.Li cbd gummy benefits Xing couldn t help but feel a little worried and blamed himself.He didn t even ask where Lin Jing planned to go.Li Xing exhaled a long breath and looked at the door behind him.Instead of going CBD Infused Gummies to Wang Chen s room, he went directly to the inspection team.

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He doesn t have the spare time to persuade people now.He feels very tired now and just wants to sit down rest.Gather the monster materials, I ll take a break.Li Xing leaned against the wall, holding the Lingshuang Sword in his hand, and closed his eyes slightly.The other people didn t say anything, but went to work silently.Soon they had collected all the do cbd gummies show up on drug test monster materials and animal cores and put them in a bag and handed it to Li Xing.Li Xing glanced at it and picked up all the animal cores of Qing Canghu and gave them to them.Lu Jiebin intentionally wanted to refuse, but Li Xing closed his eyes after giving it, obviously hinting, take what is given to you, and don t koi cbd gummies delta 8 disturb my rest.Lu Jiebin glanced at Li Xing gratefully, and began CBD Infused Gummies to sit down and rest with other teammates.After all, this is a wilderness, and it is too dangerous without enough physical strength.

Wang Chen was also stunned.He had planned to wake Li Xing, but Li Xing actually escaped Seeing Li Xing s dazed appearance, Wang Chen threw a punch again, but this time he was also dodged by Li Xing, and he was completely unconscious.Wang Chen suddenly had an idea, maybe Li Xing was stuck CBD Infused Gummies in a bottleneck, not stunned, as count kustoms cbd gummies long as he figured it out.Wang Chen threw a few punches again, and without exception, Li Xing avoided him, but Li Xing s eyes that were originally dull had a ray of light.Wang Chen was keenly aware of this change, and was overjoyed.It CBD Infused Gummies whole foods cbd gummies seemed that he had found the right way.The fist speed is getting faster and faster, and Li Xing s movements are also more and more erratic, like fallen leaves in a gust of wind, making people unpredictable, and Li Xing s eyes are also brighter and brighter.

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Li Xing got up from the beach and looked at the dark ocean in front of him.He knew that he was back again.The last time he remembered that he was rescued from the sea, but this time there was no trace of that person around hemp extracted cbd him.Li Xing shouted loudly Is there anyone No one responded to him.Li Xing felt helpless.He found a random direction and started walking in this direction.I don t know how long it took, but Li Xing felt tired.He stopped and looked back, smilz cbd gummies reviews only to find that he was still standing there.Suddenly, the waves began to swell and hit the shore.Li Xing wanted to escape, 9000mg hemp gummies but found that his feet seemed to be immobilized and motionless.Once again, Li Xing was involved in the seabed, Li Xing s consciousness began to gradually blur, and the eyes began to darken.In a daze, Li Xing felt as if he was being pulled by someone and kept going upstream.

Although he was lucky not to hit his vital position, he was still unconscious on the spot and bleeding profusely.Li Xing and the others did not dare to neglect, and immediately put Gong Yi on his back and ran forward.But the bloodstains left along the way became a loophole for them to expose their whereabouts, and they were chased along the way and fled in embarrassment.In order to allow them to escape, Li Xing took the initiative to lure the enemy away, and led a group of enemies to run around.The pursuit in the past few days has made Li Xing s movement skills improve a lot, so he escaped from the monsters with no danger along the way.But when these people saw that they couldn t catch up dr oz cbd gummies for sale with Li Xing, they turned around to chase after Wang Chen and the others.Li Xing had to turn back.But because of this, they didn t have time to chase after Wang Chen and the others, and temporarily let them out of danger.

If I didn t teach you a lesson, how could I, Han Sheng, stand here.But after all, he is already a three star martial artist, so bullying a two star martial artist is not good.It seems that CBD Infused Gummies he has to find a way to let him challenge himself.Then he looked cbd gummies dallas texas again, noticing that Li Xing was an orphan, rolled his eyes, and came up with a vicious scheme.One afternoon of practice, Li Xing just came out of the practice room, and then saw a written letter placed on the ground at the door.It also said Li Xing s personal letter.Li Xing opened the letter and read it.It was an anonymous letter without a signature.It used all kinds of vicious words to insult Li Xing s CBD Infused Gummies mother.Li Xing s face was getting colder and colder.His mother might not have raised him, but that was not her own will.Li Xing had seen the memories of the past from Chloe before.

Sure enough, Li Xing s superb acting skills made the bishop think that Li Xing was deeply repenting of his sins at the moment.His face softened a little, and he gave Li Xing a comforting look and asked him to return to his seat.Li Xing then stopped.Trembling, he walked forward slowly, someone tripped in the middle, and a dog gnawed at the mud, causing a lot of laughter.Li Xing got keoni CBD gummies CBD Infused Gummies up from the ground, lowered his head and walked back to his seat.No one saw a smile on the corner of his mouth.The infiltration was successful, and no one doubted it.After the class, Li Xing recalled the information Bumblebee gave him, and successfully found his room.After entering the room, Li Xing felt a CBD Infused Gummies sense of peeping.Li Xing s expression remained unchanged, and he took it from the drawer After coming out of the teachings of the cult, I started to read it.

Li Xing hypnotized them without much effort, completely deleting Aunt Qin from their minds, and when they heard Aunt Qin s name in the future, they would instantly enter a state of hypnosis and forget about Aunt Qin.At the same time, Li Xing also gave Fu Kangming a report on his subordinates, and the official position of that scumbag cousin could not be preserved either.After confirming that there were no future troubles, Li Xing returned to the private room with confidence.Without interruption, he had a very happy meal.After eating, Dad drove Aunt Qin back, Li Xing sat in the co pilot with Xiao Qi in his arms, Aunt Qin and her sister sat in the back.Aunt Qin has been comforting her sister along the way.Li Xing is very uncomfortable when she sits in front of her.The first half of Aunt Qin s sister s life was really full of hardships and ups and downs.

The cbd hemp oil dosage moon blade seemed to turn into a cold light and flew straight towards the opponent s heart.The opponent is not easy to match, he volleyed up and kicked the moon blade, the moon blade changed its trajectory and pierced the ground straight.Before he could find Li Xing s trail, a sudden danger came from behind.It was Li Xing, and the weapon in his hand mercilessly pierced the opponent s chest.The opponent stumbled and fell to the ground, looking at green ape cbd gummies where to buy Bing Ling passing through his chest, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, the opponent was only a five star warrior, how could he be so strong, he should be a genius.He pulled out the ice ice from his chest and threw it aside.It was obvious to the naked eye that his injuries soon began to heal.Li Xing pulled out the moon blade on the ground and rushed towards the opponent.

Hello, Mr.Zhou.Li Xing said hello to Zhou Minru.Although the two were in a cooperative relationship, the relationship was there, so Li Xing still had to be called.Wang Chen also whispered hello to Zhou Minru, Zhou Minru waved his hand to indicate that the two of them should not be so restrained and relax.Then Zhou Minru ordered people to take Li Xing and the others to royal blend 750mg cbd gummies the private room first.She and CBD Infused Gummies Zheng Shuangxue wanted to chat, and Li Xing and Wang Chen followed the staff to the private room on the second floor.The private room is not big, and there is a mirror on the front, so you can just see the situation on the auction table.If you want to make a quotation, you only need to input the number into the bidder in front of you.Li Xing and Wang Chen sat on the sofa and exhaled heavily.The restrained atmosphere just now made them quite delta 9 gummies hemp uncomfortable.

Many wellbies hemp gummies reviews marshals have tried to arrest him many times, but there is no evidence.Because even the victim chose not to be held accountable, the marshals had no choice but to let him go unpunished.Unexpectedly, he also has today.After the two marshals took the old sheep away, they reminded Li Xing again out of kindness to let him be careful of revenge from the Aojian Gang.Li Xing nodded to the marshals to show that he understood, then turned to look at Qin Yun and reprimanded A girl, be careful when you go out, do you know how many bad people there are in society, fortunately I came early today.If something happens to you, how can I have the face to see Teacher Qin.Listening to Li Xing s old fashioned reprimand, Qin Yun grabbed Li Xing s hand and said coquettishly Okay, I see.Isn t it still you I ll pay attention next time.

Aunt Qin, where is Dad CBD Infused Gummies Where has he gone Why isn t he at home Li Xing asked curiously when he saw that Dad was not there.He, he went to see the house.The house here is not too small, but he said that when Xiaoqi is coming, he will definitely be given a separate room, so he plans to change the house.He pulled his hair close to his ear, his voice full of tenderness.Momo was a little unhappy.If he didn t live in the same building, he couldn t come to see brother Li Xing every day, but Momo quickly covered it up with a smile.Li Xing nodded and didn t ask any further questions.After all, he also had the idea of changing the house.The house here is too small.Li Xing couldn t let go of his hands and feet to practice at home In the evening, Dad also came back, and saw Li Xing come back with a smile on his face.

At my current age, it doesn t make any difference whether I make a breakthrough or not.Dad said seriously, obviously intending to leave the Qi Haidan to Li Xing.Dad, it s not that I can only participate in one competition.There will be more in the future.You should take this Qi Haidan.Dad obviously doesn t believe it.How can this kind of competition that rewards Qi Haidan always exist .Dad, can I still lie to you Li Xing looked at Daddy and said, um, he has been able to lie and lie quietly.Seeing that Li Xing was so sure, Dad accepted it with suspicion.Seeing that Dad accepted Li Xing, he breathed a sigh of relief and changed the subject Dad, liberty brand hemp gummies where are we going to rent a house It s in your uncle Zhou s neighborhood.I heard that it will be expanded, so it s right next to their house.He said with a smile, Li Xing was also very happy after hearing it, so that he was very close to Momo s house, and he could see her at any time.

Hey, Brother Wang, why did you come back so early today A young man walked in.It s boring.I ve been roaming around this broken warehouse all day.I feel like my youth is buried here.Li Xing sighed.Okay, Brother Wang, you re still feeling sad.You re still young.You re in your forties, and you re still a bachelor.Where did you get your youth The young man laughed teasingly.Fuck off, stay here.Li Xing said angrily, and poured a cup of wolfberry tea from the thermos cup.Hey, CBD Infused Gummies (FDA 2022) Brother Wang, don t be angry, this brother is joking with you.The young man quickly apologized, and took out a few bottles of wine from the bed and put them on the table.Ask me for something Li Xing took a sip of wolfberry tea and glanced at it, and knew that he had something to say.Yeah, Brother Wang, no, my daughter in law came to see me, she came all the way, and she doesn t know the place, so best cbd gummies on amazon for anxiety you said I can t follow her.

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Suddenly Li Xing stopped, turned his head and asked, Have Lin Jing and Liao Ruo been back yet The two of them were entertained by others today, so they still have time to pay attention to other people s affairs.Li Xing called Lin Jing, and after a while, just when Li Xing was about to hang up, someone answered the phone, and there was quite loud music.Is something wrong, Li Xing.Lin Jing s voice came from the phone.Judging from the music around her, the two of them should be at a party.It s okay, I just asked where you two are, why haven t you come back so late, is Liao Ruo by your side Li Xing replied casually.Liao Ruo is drinking beside me, she s almost drunk.Lin Jing s voice sounded a little drunk.Drinking Li Xing was confused, didn t you two go to the game Why are you still drinking with people Today s game was fun.

Looking at the harvest all over the place, Han Sheng couldn t hold back the joy on his face.It seemed that his position in the top three in the inheritance right had not escaped.In fact, the reason why Li Xing was curts cbd gummies able to achieve such a big gain was because the lizard beast was too naive, and the home field advantage was completely wiped out by it.After Li cbd gummies jacksonville florida Xing threw the things on the ground, he started to eat.He had been hungry for a day, and finally he was able to eat.Han Sheng and Han Ying watched Li Xing cbd gummy subscription box eat eagerly, because their food had already been wasted by the two of them.Li Xing sighed, fortunately he had a lot of rings in his ring, otherwise how could it be enough.However, Li Xing was not stupid enough to reveal the existence of the space ring.Instead, he put his hand with the ring into his backpack to get the food.

This is not his style.After some discussion, a secret plan gradually took shape.Of course, this plan will only succeed if Wang Wei deals with them.If Wang Wei doesn t deal with them, let s coexist peacefully.After all, there is not much hatred between them.After talking about the plan, Li Xing sat in the classroom and began to listen to the class, calculating carefully that he hadn t been in the classroom for a long time.Although Li Xing has already memorized the lessons taught by the teacher, Li Xing still likes to listen to them.After all, it is boring to memorize knowledge.The time for listening to the class passed quickly, and the bell rang after the get out of class, and Li Xing recovered from the teacher s explanation.Zhou Zheng was hesitant to say that they were going to dinner together last week.

Then Li Xing brought out the breakfast, and the three of them finished the meal very quietly.After Li Xing finished packing, he left quickly, for fear that these women would silence him in order not to reveal the secret.Please collect, recommend, and subscribe.I hope you can give me a subscription Chapter 140 Surprise After Li Xing left Zheng Shuangxue s residence, he wiped a cold sweat with lingering fears.It s really CBD Infused Gummies thrilling, I almost went to heaven to see God.Seeing that it was almost time, Li Xing went straight to the base, and before he reached the training room, one of Han Sheng s younger brothers sent an invitation letter, inviting Li Xing to have dinner.Li Xing took a look.The time was nine o clock in the evening, and the location was only a large local hotel.There should be nothing wrong.

Time flies, a year has passed, Li Xing has grown a little bit taller in between, reaching more than 1.8 meters.At first glance, he looks extraordinary.Momo has also grown a lot, and her strength has quickly reached the seventh rank.Li Xing is now only one step away from breaking through martial arts.However, the next step is to rely on water to grind kung fu.Lu Lao told him that it would be better to refine it to the extreme before breaking through in the ninth dan.Zhou Zheng s strength is also 9th dan.From the previous victory and defeat, he is now evenly matched with Li Xing.It has to be said that Zhou Zheng is a real genius, and he can compete with Li Xing, who has developed talent, without relying on talent at all.After Yan Xiuying was defeated in the competition for exemption from the real name quota, she worked diligently every day, and finally defeated Chen Meng, which really shocked her eyes.

Enemy.Li Xing was thinking about it when a very strong man in military uniform walked out, saw Uncle Wang with a smile on his resolute face, walked over quickly and said, Uncle Wang, you can be considered Here, my old man s illness was too sudden swanson cbd gummies this time, and other doctors were helpless.I hope Uncle Wang can introduce me to a genius doctor.Uncle Wang said with a smile Isn t the genius doctor right next to you, where else do you go to find a genius doctor As soon as he finished speaking, the burly man s gaze shifted to Li Xing s body.His gaze stayed on Li Xing s extremely young face for a while, and then he said with a wry smile, Uncle Wang, don t tease me.Now, my old man is really serious this time, and he has no time to delay.You don t believe me anymore, such a big thing, why am I joking with you, take this gentleman to treat the old man, it wasted time, and I slapped your skin.

Li Xing didn t notice this at first, until Fang Murong released the handle of the hammer, and Li Xing accidentally caught a glimpse.Li Xing wanted to take advantage of the terrain to knock Fang Murong off the ring, Fang Murong had already seen it from the beginning, so she planned to take the plan and almost succeeded.If Li Xing hadn t figured out the injury on Fang Murong s hand a moment before the attack, I m afraid he would have fallen off the stage at this time.Fang Murong saw that Li Xing had seen through and no longer pretended.She slammed her fists, moved her effects of hemp gummies muscles and bones, and showed a smile on her face.Li eagle hemp CBD gummies stop smoking reviews CBD Infused Gummies Xing felt a little bad.The next moment, Fang Murong disappeared in place, and Li Xing was short, avoiding Fang Murong s sweep, and at the same time kicking Fang Murong with a sweeping leg.

Li Xing also will not be shaken.Even if he takes some tough measures, he will find that person.That person may have begun to doubt Li Xing, and Li Xing must eliminate him.The person who told me this was Xiaoyue, and she told me all about it.Rong Hailan spit out a name, and the whole person seemed to collapse.It s her No wonder, I said she just hid when she saw me.Yan Rongle murmured to herself.Captain Huang, it s not too late, let s get Xiaoyue back as soon as possible, and you should also clean up here.Yan Rongle s meaning is self evident, there are also ghosts in the inspection team, and Xiaoyue was not there at the time , but they knew the situation at the scene, and no one would believe it if it wasn t revealed by the people in the inspection team.Of course, I will handle this matter.The key now is american shaman cbd gummies to bring Xiaoyue back and not let her leave the inner courtyard.

Recalling the previous, Li Xing was also a little lost for a while, telling his past experiences one by one, of course, such as finding the space ring and other secret things, Li Xing naturally CBD Infused Gummies would not say it.A picture scroll appeared in front of coral cbd gummies Lu cbd gummies 3000 mg effects Jiebin s eyes.A young man of his age was practicing diligently every day.For a little cultivation resources, he CBD Infused Gummies had to risk his life to fight monsters in the wilderness.How many times he almost survived, how many times he got nothing, these did not make the young man flinch, but made him CBD hemp oil CBD Infused Gummies more determined to become a strong man.The four people lying on the ground were not actually asleep.They had been listening since Li Xing started talking.After listening to Li Xing s experience, everyone was speechless for cbd gummies for sex drive a long time, and a sense of admiration for Li Xing rose in their hearts.

After taking a closer look, Li Xing was surprised to find that the amount of martial arts under the leadership of Chloe did not increase at all botanical garden cbd gummies but decreased, and he was full of doubts.Chloe, what s going on Li eagle hemp CBD gummies website CBD Infused Gummies Xing couldn t help but ask, this was related to his cultivation, and he couldn t be sloppy at all.I didn t help you practice the exercises, but I used moonlight to purify the martial qi in your body.Otherwise, oxzgen hemp cbd your control of your martial qi will be greatly reduced, which will have a great buy cbd organic hemp uk impact on your battles.Influence.Chloe calmly explained to Li Xing, paused and continued, But I can help you speed up the cultivation of the Xuanbing celestial body.Li Xing woke up only then, and he only wanted to let Chloe After Yilai helped himself cultivate, the strength of the whole person soared, but he did not take into account the crisis behind him.

Li Xing straightened up, looked at Yang Lei not far away, and hooked high potency cbd hemp oil his fingers slightly, signaling Yang Lei to attack.Yang Lei s expression changed, and the anger on his face disappeared for a moment.He slammed his fist to the ground, and the ring began to shake, while Li Xing still stood firmly in cbd gummies gold bee place.Yang Lei untied a layer of bandages over the glove, his fists collided, and there was a sound of gold and iron communication.Yang Lei rushed forward and punched out, while his eyes were fixed on Li Xing.Calculate his next move.But Li Xing stood in the same place unexpectedly.He chose to force the connection.Finally, the fists met, and Li Xing and Yang Lei took a few steps back at the same time.Li Xing looked at the aching palm without paying attention, and the wound on his hand began to heal quickly.

The middle aged man took him directly to a ring and asked Li Xing to wait for him for five minutes.Five minutes later, a handsome middle aged man appeared again.There was no change in Li Xing s eyes.After all, there were two photos of the information in his hand, one was his cbd gummy manufacturer colorado unshaven photo, and the other was like this.Boy, aren t you surprised The middle aged man looked at Li Xing unresponsive and couldn t help but said.Oh, I m surprised.Li Xing said calmly.Forget it, for the sake of you giving me veterans vitality cbd gummies two bottles, I don t care about you.The middle aged man shook his head helplessly.Soon, a group of people gathered around, looking at Li Xing and the middle aged man on the stage, and they even started gambling, betting on how long Li Xing could last phil mickelson cbd gummies official website under the middle aged man.At the beginning of the game, a sonic boom sounded, and the middle aged man slammed his knee into Li Xing.

I think some of his opponents were defeated by this hand before coming, but he met Zhang Yaxin, and it was also fate.Looking at Zhang Yaxin s back, Li Xing felt that it was necessary to discuss with Zhang Yaxin in the future.After all, this was the first time he had seen cbd gummies for arthritis walmart someone with different eyes besides him.Putting away his mind, Li Xing found that Zhang Yaxin s second opponent had come up, holding a big knife in his hand.Even across the screen, Li Xing still felt the domineering radiance of the opponent.At the beginning of the game, the opponent directly chopped up with a knife, which was unusually decisive and his movements were neat and tidy.Ask for collection, ask for recommendation, I hope you will give a great subscription.Thank you.Chapter 127 Bai Bingqing Zhang Yaxin s face was still indifferent at this time, and he swung his sword to meet him, but this time it was him who retreated.

Because she wanted to secretly run to Miaojiazhai, but was found out.Wang Chen s father didn t say a word, he personally brought someone to bring her back, and was asking her to think about it behind closed doors.Sister is also here What s your sister here for Lin Bai said in surprise.She, she will go ahead and help you prepare CBD Infused Gummies (FDA 2022) your resting environment.You also know that in this anorexia, a good environment is extremely CBD Infused Gummies (FDA 2022) important.So Lin Jing came here ahead of time, just so that you can have a better environment.Rest environment.Li Xing began to lie without blushing.Then the two of you don t actually have anything important to do, so what the hell are you guys thinking Lin Bai stared at Li Xing and Wang Chen with interest.Li Xing and Wang Chen looked at each other and quickly completed the exchange.

Scientific researchers really have privileges, natures purpose CBD CBD Infused Gummies and there is no shortage of resources.But they don t have any other ideas, they still go to take missions frequently, and their actual combat experience is improving rapidly.Li Xing still often goes out hunting with the team.His strength has reached the eighth rank, and he has become a main attacker in the team.These few hunting trips have not been as lucky as before, but the income from several hunting has reached more than 50 million, and Li Xingka s deposit once reached more than 70 million.Li Xing is also satisfied, after all, people can t be too greedy.Every time Li Xing directly exchanged the obtained beast crystals into points, there was no way, now Chloe only accepts beast crystals at the soldier level, and cold pressed hemp oil cbd his vision is getting higher and higher.

After all, he came out to play, so he naturally wanted to have a good time, and then a few people came to the Feiyue Waterfall in front of him.I saw a large crack between the river valleys in front, about five or six meters away, and Li Xing could hear the thunder like roar from far away.Under the waterfall is a huge lake, about ten meters deep, the water is crystal clear, and you can see fish swimming in the water.The speed of Li Xing s boat was cbd gummy dose chart getting faster and faster.When it reached the waterfall, the whole boat flew up, and then began to fall at a high speed.The momentary sense of weightlessness made Momo and the three of them scream.Li Xing didn t react much, because the boat s descent speed was getting slower and slower.When the distance to the lake was only tens of meters high, it suddenly started to speed up again, and the three Momo, who had finally calmed down, began to scream again.

Li Xing gave them a pitying look and wished you good luck.I ask for collections and recommendations.I hope that readers can give a subscription.I beg to subscribe. Chapter 111 The Genius and the Younger Brother After the meal, Zheng Shuangxue called a few of them to him, and then began to assign training tasks.Except for Li Xing who was asked to break one more star this semester.Everyone else is treated equally, and you can break through within a month of the start of the will CBD get you high CBD Infused Gummies next semester.During the cultivation period, you can ask any questions at any time.At the same time, the first among the four of you will get a bottle of nourishing qi pill every month, and the person who ranks first for four consecutive months will get the second rank pill to wash the marrow.Dan.In the previous assessment, Li Xing s attack power ranked first among the four, so this month s reward belongs to him.

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